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Subject: [gentoo-user] Emerge takes a long time calculating dependencies...
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2008 13:01:22
1 I've noticed recently that Emerge is taking a long time (e.g. >20 minutes) to calculate the dependencies when I run "emerge world -vuDNp".
2 I'm running on a PII-233 w/ 190MB RAM and using the 2008.0 server profile. (I've thought about moving to the hardened profile, but want to at least get things finished configured first, which I'm taking my slow time doing.)
3 It use to run pretty fast (e.g. < 4 minutes). This started probably back in July some time, I haven't really added much of anything
5 The system originally ran the 2007.0 desktop profile (late 2007), then I moved it to the 2008.0 desktop profile (June 2008 - before the final release by a week or so I was when a lot of questions started cycling on this list about the 2008.0 profile but before the final release was made), and later to the 2008.0 server profile (within a couple weeks). In case it matter, I was an late-early adopter of the 2008.0 profile set. (In moving to the server profile, I first moved to the 2008.0 profile, let it sit a week or so, and then moved to the server profile.)
7 The software is pretty up-to-date. It does have a couple ~x86 programs - but very very few. (Can't remember for sure off the top of my head though.)
9 I've gone through a few kernels on it, and have been simply deleting the kernel sources in /usr/src for the kernels I didn't use.
11 Any ideas on what might be making it go so slow?
12 I've thought about doing some clean-ups with e-merge (e.g. emerge --deep-clean), but haven't risked it yet.
14 In all other respects, the systems seems to be performing fine. It runs 24-7, hosts my internet connection and network services for my other systems.
16 TIA,
18 Ben


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