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From: Michael Mol <mikemol@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Modifying ebuilds, and dependency thoughts between hugin and luminance-hdr.
Date: Sat, 24 Dec 2011 20:24:47
1 So, media-gfx/luminance-hdr uses hugin's align_image_stack by default.
2 Except the ebuild doesn't list a dependency on hugin. I tried
3 modifying its ebuild file to add the dependency, but Portage
4 complained about a failed digest verification. So I don't know how to
5 work around that.
7 Then there are some additional realizations I had.
9 1) Pulling in hugin pulls in gtk and a bunch of additional
10 dependencies. Luminance-hdr is a qt app; having a qt app trigger
11 pulling in gtk seems silly.
12 2) The tool that luminance-hdr needs is a CLI tool. It doesn't need
13 the GUI side of hugin. So it should be possible to build that hugin
14 tool without the rest of its GUI. Sounds like another USE flag, or
15 perhaps splitting align_image_stack into a separate ebuild and having
16 both luminance-hdr and hugin pull that in.
17 3) Luminance-hdr doesn't *need* hugin; it has a builtin tool that
18 fills the same role, but behaves a bit differently. It should be
19 perfectly possible to remove hugin's tool from the list of options,
20 based on a USE flag.
22 Now, both hugin and luminance-hdr are both tools I've messed with a
23 great deal...enough to be frustrated with aspects which lead me to
24 dive into their source code to try to fix things. I'm pretty confident
25 I could do just about all of it, code-wise and logic-wise. What I
26 don't know is anything about ebuild and app development on Gentoo.*
28 So...where do I go from here?
30 * This also comes in on my desire to play The Old Republic, but WINE
31 1.3.x has trouble with it. Day job as a Win32 coder comes in handy
32 here...
34 --
35 :wq