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From: Dale <rdalek1967@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] KDE weirdness after upgrade past Sunday.
Date: Wed, 04 Mar 2020 13:41:41

I did my usual Sunday upgrades the other day. There was a lot of
upgrades to plasma and elogind it seems.  Let's add LOo in there as well
just for giggles.  Anyway, I have a few oddities going on here.  I'm not
quite sure what to make of it but wondering if anyone else has ran into

First weirdness.  When I lock my screen, CTRL + shift + L.  It locks the
screen just fine.  The weird part happens when I poke the mouse or hit a
key to wake the screen back up.  Instead of a screen asking for my
password with the goofy looking user avatar, I get a black screen with
the mouse pointer visible.  The background and the little box for my
password, nowhere to be found.  After a bit, I type in the password,
blindly, and it sits there for a while and then my desktop comes back. 
It takes a while and could be related to other problems coming up.

Second weirdness.  When I turn on my external hard drive to do my
backups, the device notifier won't let me mount it.  It says I don't
have permission to mount.  I ended up creating the directory and
mounting it manually to do my backups.  I did a google search but only
found the problem back when KDE5 was first coming out, 2018 or so. 
Given the passage of time, most likely not the same cause.  One link
even said the bug had been fixed. 

Third weirdness.  When I start Krusader as root, I use it to edit files
during updates etc, the window that pops up and asks for my root
password takes a long time to show up.  Sort of like the lock screen
except that it does show up, just really slow to get there.  Also, when
I type in my password in Konsole to login there, it also takes a long
time.  By long time, a minute or so.  Usually, it is almost instant.

All the timing of the above problems are very similar.  I believe they
have the same cause.  When I finished my updates, I logged out, went to
boot runlevel, used checkrestart to make sure everything that needed to
be restarted was clean, restarted any that weren't and then when back to
default runlevel.  In the past this has always worked fine.  Thing is,
elogind is in the boot runlevel.  I'm going to have to get used to
restarting it manually I guess.  Could elogind be the cause of all
this?  Would it be safe to put elogind in the default runlevel?  That
would solve the problem of me forgetting to restart it after upgrades. 
Or would some other service in the boot runlevel start it as a
dependency anyway?? 

When I get to a point where I can logout and back in, I'll test
restarting elogind to see if it helps.  Thing is, I'm not really sure
what all elogind does but from what little I know, it sounds like a good
place to start.  Thing that confuses me, checkrestart not showing it
needed to be restarted.  It's never failed me before.



:-)  :-) 


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