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Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] Gentoo's future directtion ?
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2014 23:07:35
1 On 11/21/14 17:10, Rich Freeman wrote:
2 > On Fri, Nov 21, 2014 at 5:40 PM, <wireless@×××××××××××.com> wrote:
3 >> Interesting perspective that I had not considered... still, I think there is
4 >> more at play here. It sounds as if a few "chosen" old guard
5 >> are going to kick out more of the progressive and newer devs
6 >> so that these few. control the core distro. That way they can agree
7 >> and do what they want.
8 >
9 > Where are you getting this stuff? People seem to talk about "old
10 > guard" Gentoo devs blocking contributions, but the very few times
11 > anything remotely resembling this gets pointed out the Council has
12 > stepped in to remove obstructions.
13 >
14 > There are of course a few long-running personality conflicts that
15 > flare up from time to time, and attempts at obstructionism, but they
16 > tend to get shot down which is as it should be.
17 >
18 > If somebody feels otherwise then they really need to step up and call
19 > attention to it. Simply complaining about being oppressed is really
20 > just being part of the problem.
21 >
22 > --
23 > Rich
24 >
27 I have repetitively ask why java is treated like a second class citizen
28 here at gentoo. Is anyone close any of those old deprecated java bugs?
30 I just wonder why the rank and file devs do not like java?
31 Why the devs do not celebrate Java?
33 Here's an old rah rah from a council member that is perfect:
38 But since clustering is now java centric, it seems to be unimportant?
39 Cluster codes are put in the "science" project now? Apathy runs deep
40 with anything that touches java, here at Gentoo.
42 Sure there is sys-cluster, but it is dying on gentoo; very little activity.
44 For me, and many others, clustering is the future not only
45 of linux, but computing, personal devices and everything.
46 Clouds are merely a contract cluster. A clustering is far more important
47 that the linux kernel, imho. In a few years everyone will
48 run on a cluster (systems they control) or on the cloud (a cluster
49 brought to you by a global conglomerate), and the linux kernel will
50 be but one mechanism to plug into your cluster. Winblos will have
51 their path, as will apple, android, samsung, qualcomm, ibm, verizon,
52 AT&T etc etc. Booting will be multi-variant. Once you ethernet is live,
53 you plug into your cluster and the cluster masters your hardware. That
54 is how cell phones work today. What you run on your "screen" will be
55 what you want, or what vendors insist you run. Most will be
56 OS/bios/kernel agnostic.
59 But hey, we don't do java here at Gentoo. Let's move it to an overlay
60 and be done with it? That and let's move science to an overlay,
61 is what I see in this proposal. It's what the end result of gentoo
62 policy is and for me, science and java are the future for Gentoo, if it
63 is to be robustly embraced. I could think of some things to move to
64 overlays that would surely upset others that seem them as "core".
65 Systemd will no doubt be (eventually) very successful at collapsing
66 many if not most linux distros, imho.
69 I just like to wrap all of this in a conspiracy flavouring; hopefully
70 some devs will jump into java, fix it up and let's give it a proper
71 place in the gentoo structure? What if somebody wants to develop a PM or
72 PMS using java on gentoo. You think that person would receive a 'warm
73 welcome' as in lots of help, code snippets and partners among the gentoo
74 elites?
76 How does your council feel about that? How many council member have
77 added java packages or closed java bugs? Sure they have work on other
78 things they do not like, but hell no to java? How about a 'java week"
79 where the brightest java devs devote just one week to java? (gnashing of
80 teeth?).
82 I visible proposed just flushing several hundred of the old java bugs,
83 because their issues, or the related codes are deprecated. I got nothing
84 back from anyone but silence. The java leadership even admitted that
85 there is nobody, that currently 'gives a shit' enough to close java
86 bugs. How about authorizing a few dozen folks to close java bugs. Why
87 do you have to be a dev to close bugs in BGO? Surely since java is not
88 in the main stream I can close a few java bugs? Please give me one week
89 to close java bugs, and clean up java in BGO. It'll be less than one
90 hundred left, I promise you. Piss on that arcane crap criteria impose on
91 this effort, by folks that care nothing about java. Just give me the
92 torch, and I'll clear a path forward for java; but I am going to ignore
93 most of the "crap burden" you have to wade through on BGO to close only
94 java bugs.If you do not like what I close, keep a copy and bring them
95 back? Surely one or 2 other folks care about those 5+ year old java
96 bugs? After all, if they are valid, they get posted again, with
97 information from as least the current decade. What do I have to do, beg?
99 It sure looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, smells like a duck
100 and I believe I hear quacking from this latest wacky (dev) idea to move
101 most devs and most packages to second class status; as pure quackery.
102 Medically, from a medical dictionary that is about 50 years old, the
103 most correct diagnostic is "imbecilic".
105 I think that java and clustering on gentoo are dying, because the
106 leadership environment makes it difficult for them to proper. How many
107 java bugs have you close, during 2014?
112 curiously,
113 James


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