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From: Marc Joliet <marcec@×××.de>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Strange behaviour of dhcpcd
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2014 23:45:14
1 Hi list
3 First off: this is a "fixed" issue, in that I don't see the behaviour anymore,
4 so time is not of the essence ;) . I'm only looking for an explanation, or for
5 comments from other people who experienced this.
7 So the issue was some really strange behaviour on the part of dhcpcd. I
8 completed a move a few weeks ago and got an internet connection last Wednesday
9 (using a local cable company, that is, using a cable modem connected to via
10 ethernet). I reconfigured my system to use regular DHCP (a relief after the
11 PPPoE mess in the dorm), but dhcpcd could not apply the default route; it
12 *obtained* one, but failed with "if_addroute: Invalid argument". I tried it
13 manually, to no effect: "ip route" complained about invalid arguments, and I
14 think plain "route" said "file exists", but I'm not sure anymore (either way,
15 the error messages were less than clear). The funny thing is, I *could* set
16 the default route, just not to the one advertised via DHCP, but to the x.y.z.2+
17 instead of x.y.z.1, which even gave me access to the internet part of the time.
19 Now the funny thing is what fixed it:
21 *commenting out the entirety of /etc/dhcpcd.conf*
23 Then dhcpcd ran with default settings and could apply the default route. Even
24 more bizarre is the fact that it kept working after uncommenting it again (and
25 I track it with git, so I'm 100% sure I got it back to its original state).
26 This leads me to believe that there was some (corrupted?) persistent state
27 somewhere that got overwritten by starting dhcpcd after I commented out the
28 file, but I have no clue where.
30 Has anyone seen this sort of behaviour before, or anything similar to it? I
31 searched for the error messages I was seeing, but couldn't find anything. I
32 was using gentoo-sources-3.15.9 (now I'm at 3.16.6) and dhcpcd 6.4.3 at the
33 time, but also had the issue with dhcpcd 6.4.7, to which I could upgrade by
34 using the aforementioned x.y.z.2 gateway. Perhaps it was a bug in the kernel?
35 But that's just guessing.
37 Regards,
38 --
39 Marc Joliet
40 --
41 "People who think they know everything really annoy those of us who know we
42 don't" - Bjarne Stroustrup


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