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Subject: [gentoo-user] No help on annoying `sandbox' error
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2007 23:40:38
1 I'm having a continuing annoying problem from sandbox trying to write
2 out of its crib.
4 I've posted here twice before but caught no ones attention.
5 Possibly this is something screamingly obvious and people just ignored
6 the posts.
8 `sandbox' doesn't like my root .bash_history.
9 ACCESS DENIED open_rd: /root/.bash_history
10 ACCESS DENIED open_rd: /root/.bash_history
12 I see nothing really like this on bugzilla although their are other
13 access violations there. I guess it needs to be turned in as a bug but
14 fisrst tell me if its really a bug or something to do with my
15 ill-informed setup.
17 It happens with any usage of emerge and unless I rename
18 /usr/bin/sandbox or remove /root/.bash_history, `sanbox' will block
19 any emerge action.
21 Renaming it seems the easiest, then portage reports the problem but
22 continues anyway.
24 I tried making bash write it history to something else like
25 BASH_HITORY but sandbox tracks it down and squawks about BASH_HISTORY
26 then.
28 `file' reports .bash_history to be the expected `ascii text file'
30 If I delete bash_history and there is a complex emerge underway like
31 updating world, then sooner or later bash writes a new one and emerge
32 screeches to a halt.
34 I'm sorry but I couldn't really make much sense of the sandbox bugs on
35 bugzilla or what to do about my problem.
37 --
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