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Subject: [gentoo-user] Configuring Firefox for more privacy - an attempt (results)
Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2017 13:23:57
Message-Id: 20170115132336.GD9741@solfire
1 Hi,
3 while trying to setup a better environment for online banking,
4 I wanted to make my daily Linux environment also more secure (in the
5 sense of keeping my digital footprint as small as possible).
7 I read some informations on the internet.
8 Conclusion: Its more private to hide in the mass as
9 to be the only one, who is able to keep all information
10 off the internet -- which is remarkable unique --
11 you are putting a label with your name right onto
12 your fronthead just before entering the digital world
13 of surveillance.
15 I did not tried to do the same with PaleMoon which
16 I did with Firefox since the amount of compatible plugins/extensions
17 for PaleMoon is quite small and I still cant use NoScript with PaleMoon.
19 Two sites I found on the internet, which are quite handy to
20 check what the current browser is submitting:
23 and for more detailed results:
25 (the presented results on that page are examples. Click
26 "Check it!" on the upper right corner of that page. If a
27 authetication dialog pops up, click it away and click
28 "Start test" on the page.)
30 The results of the modification and addons I added
31 are shown in the attached images.
33 I removed the informations of my ISP and IP-address.
35 If there is an interest of what I did I would be happy
36 to describe it...but there is a problem of the memory
37 footprint...
38 The most efficient way to transport the informations
39 of what is needed to tweak would be screenshots of
40 those addons setting dialog, which do not provide a
41 way to store the current settings into a file.
43 Cheers
44 Meino


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