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From: Holly Bostick <motub@××××××.nl>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] How does Portage prioritze emerges in emerge world?
Date: Sat, 26 Nov 2005 13:11:46
1 OK, I take it back.
3 I said that the situation of upgrading a kernel with the 'symlink' USE
4 flag active occurring at the same time as a (particular) program needing
5 to compile against a configured kernel was not likely to occur all that
6 often, but I was wrong. It's happened again today, but with a different
7 program than the ones I normally keep an eye on.
9 The good thing is that I (think I) see what the problem is.
11 The problem is that Portage emerges the new kernel before (almost)
12 everything else, without regard for whether the 'symlink' USE flag is
13 active, and whether or not any of the other programs proposed to emerge
14 need to compile against a configured kernel source-- or rather, the
15 currently-running kernel, which the symlink most likely pointed to
16 before Portage changed it via a previous emerge.
18 Honestly, there's really no reason (that I can see) to emerge a kernel
19 source before everything else, since the kernel source is useless until
20 at the very least configured, and preferably compiled and installed, and
21 since you're in the middle of an emerge -uwhatever world, you can't
22 reasonably configure and compile the new source until the entire
23 operation is finished. Yeah, OK, technically you can, but it's not
24 really something that an ordinary person would do, I think.
26 And if the 'symlink' USE flag is active, emerging the kernel sources
27 before everything else-- which may include packages that must compile
28 against a configured kernel, with the assumption that the
29 /usr/src/symlink points to such a kernel, which it no longer does
30 because the symlink has been changed during a previous emerge and you
31 have not had time to configure the newly-emerged kernel-- is a real
32 problem. I just had to open another term, su to root, run MC to change
33 the symlink-- and got it wrong because I had a second unconfigured
34 kernel (2.6.14-r2; 2.6.14-r3 was being installed) that I forgot I had
35 not yet upgraded to), so had to change the link again to the *real*
36 running kernel (2.6.14) and emerge --resume. And of course I'll have to
37 eventually change the symlink back manually in order to actually manage
38 the new kernel. Which means I have to remember to do that-- which is not
39 the point of having the 'symlink' USE flag active.
41 It seems to me that this could all be avoided if Portage emerged a new
42 kernel *last* in the list if the 'symlink' USE flag is active for kernel
43 emerges-- then everything in the list that needed a configured kernel
44 would have one (the currently-running kernel), the emerge would complete
45 normally, and the symlink would be changed at the end of the procedure
46 so that my next operation could be to upgrade the kernel, which seems to
47 me a reasonable and ordinary order of operation (emerge -u** world, then
48 configure and compile new kernel and run module-rebuild).
50 Am I doing things wrong, or is this a valid enhancement request for b.g.o?
52 Holly
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