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From: il-young son <il.young.son@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] kernel upgrade and vesafb-tng issue.
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2007 20:22:38
1 hello,
3 here's something weird i ran into after upgrading my kernel from
4 2.6.18-r6 to 2.6.19-r5. now if i compile the kernel with framebuffer
5 enabled with vesafb-tng support and set the resolution to anything
6 other than 640x480-16@-- in grub, i get this error upon booting.
8 "Block device /dev/sdb3 is not a valid root device."
10 it then proceeds to ask me to specify the device to boot (or type
11 "shell" for shell). now at this point if i specify /dev/sdb3 (where
12 my root partition is -- btw, the new kernel also seems to have
13 switched what's assigned to sda and sdb) then it continues to boot
14 fine. so it's definitely detecting sdb3 fine. it seems to be somehow
15 (however indirectly) associated with enabling framebuffer in the
16 kernel. if i don't enable it or if i set the resolution to 640x480
17 with 16-bit colors, it boots without a hitch. does anyone have any
18 idea as to why this is happening? i have radeon x300 card if that
19 helps.
22 somewhat unrelated, i've also noticed with the new kernel, when i run
23 glxgears it's giving me low fps score. but when i try fgl_glxgears it
24 looks fine. and also everything else looks fine. fglrxinfo gives me
25 the right info and glxinfo says "direct rendering : yes". just
26 curious as to why glxgears would give me a vastly different result
27 than before.
30 thanks in advance,
31 il.
32 --
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