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From: Dale <rdalek1967@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] Handling a sizable amount of spam and Dovecote question
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2022 12:29:20
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-user] Handling a sizable amount of spam and Dovecote question by Wols Lists
1 Wols Lists wrote:
2 >> Well, for the moment, I want to use it for gmail that I'm posting with.
3 >> My reason for this, Seamonkey is in a iffy state.  I've already started
4 >> using Firefox and containers for most other things but use Seamonkey
5 >> mostly for emails.  My hope, set up something local so that I don't lose
6 >> any older emails and then be able to access those emails with whatever
7 >> web browser or other tool I want, like Firefox.  Of course, I'd want to
8 >> be able to send email as well.  Maybe this is a bigger task than I think
9 >> it is.  Either way, I have Dovecote installed, think it is working but
10 >> no idea what to do with it.
11 >>
12 > Just point your email client at dovecot. Or rather, create an account,
13 > in your mail client, that points at your dovecot server. Bingo, one
14 > empty IMAP mail account.
16 I was hoping to use a web browser like Firefox to access my email.  One
17 reason for this, I have multiple Firefox profiles.  My hope is that if I
18 click on a link in Firefox, it will open in the same profile, as a new
19 tab for example.  I can't see why that wouldn't work.  Thing is, I can't
20 get Firefox, or any other browser, to connect no matter what I try.  So,
21 I'm lost.  I don't like Thunderbird at all plus, I'd be depending on
22 it.  I suspect I could transfer even if I had to move away from Dovecote
23 for some reason.  I'm not sure about Seamonkey transferring tho.  May be
24 touchy on that.
26 >
27 > Now go into your ISP account in the same mail server, and set up
28 > client filters to move all your mail across into your local (dovecot)
29 > account.
30 >
31 > That way you don't need postfix, or fetchmail, or any other fancy
32 > mailer service, you're using your normal mail client to copy your
33 > emails from your isp down to your local system, and categorise and
34 > sort them.
35 >
36 > I have rules that move all my mailing lists into dedicated folders,
37 > marketing junk into dedicated folders (that expire), etc etc. I don't
38 > actually have that much spam, but I have rules that move what I
39 > recognise straight into "Deleted" :-)
40 >
41 > Then your spam filter will end up like mine was at work - "Anything I
42 > want gets moved into dedicated folders, anything left is probably
43 > spam". So at regular intervals I just sorted my inbox by subject, and
44 > bulk-deleted pretty much the lot. When scanning by subject, you tend
45 > to get multiple spams with the same subject, so any ham will stand out
46 > because there's just the one ...
47 >
48 > (Of course, you could configure fetchmail to collect your mail and
49 > dump it straight into dovecot ...)
50 >
51 > Cheers,
52 > Wol
53 >
54 >
57 I already divide my emails into folders.  Example, any email that
58 contains [gentoo-user] goes to the gentoo-user folder.  Similar for -dev
59 etc.  I also have folders for things like banking, friends, family,
60 shopping websites etc etc.  Well over 95% of my emails goes to a folder
61 other than the general purpose inbox.  Any email that will be a regular
62 thing gets filtered to something.  Most of what is in the inbox is
63 either a one time thing or spam.  Right now, I just have it set to emtpy
64 the trash, a LOT.  Clicking the unsub link is doing no good at all. 
65 What stupid politician came up with that idea anyway. 
67 My plan is to have it so I'm not so dependent on Seamonkey.  I want
68 something, Dovecote for example, that will fetch new emails from gmail,
69 or any other service if I move, and also allow me to send emails as
70 well.  The actual emails tho would be here on my puter, as they are now
71 but at the moment depends on Seamonkey. 
73 Seamonkey seems to be on its last legs.  It's bad enough that it isn't
74 maintained much in the tree but I don't think upstream is keeping things
75 working either.  It needs a rewrite sort of like Firefox did.  Finding
76 or updating add-ons for Seamonkey is almost non-existant.  Some add-ons
77 haven't been updated in ages or are not even available at all.  As a
78 example, I switched from Lastpass to Bitwarden almost a year ago.  I
79 can't find a Bitwarden add-on for Seamonkey at all.  I'm stuck using
80 Lastpass which is at a version a few years old.  There's no telling what
81 security holes it may have.  Even the very common and popular adblock
82 hasn't been updated in ages.  My concern, losing Seamonkey completely
83 and losing all my emails with it.  I'd like to have a better way but I'm
84 not sure I can do that.  This appears to be complicated.
86 I may search for a video on this.  Maybe watching someone else do this
87 will helps.  I dunno.  I got the service to start but after that, I'm
88 clueless. 
90 Thanks.
92 Dale
94 :-)  :-) 


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