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Subject: [gentoo-user] [OT] When Linux desktop will be at least so convenient as MS DOS?
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2018 23:15:43
1 At the time of good old MS DOS, there was Keyrus keyboard
2 driver that could be configured in such a way that computer
3 nicely crackled when user typed in, say, Cyrillic keyboard
4 layout whereas produced no sound when user typed in
5 English keyboard layout, or vice versa.
7 The creator of Keyrus keyboard driver, a talented Ukrainian
8 programmer Dmitry Gurtyak, died on December 13th, 1998,
9 in the age of 27 years from brain cancer.
11 His Keyrus keyboard driver is still available from
14 After more than 20 years of using Linux, I finally want
15 to know if I can see this feature implemented in Linux.
17 As far as I know, X-org server does not provide such a feature.
19 Will it at least be implemented in Wayland?
21 Can it be somehow implemented now in any WM or DE?
23 I am currently use Awesome WM and it is a real headache
24 to type in Vim some Cyrillic text in LaTeX!
26 Especially without any keyboard switch indicator. :)
28 P.S. The topic of this thread is a bit provocative, but it was
29 intended to only catch your attention, not to produce
30 a holy war against MS DOS. :)


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