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From: Tanstaafl <tanstaafl@×××××××××××.org>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] Anything better than procmail?
Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2010 18:11:16
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-user] Anything better than procmail? by David W Noon
1 On 2010-06-12 5:17 PM, David W Noon wrote:
2 >> On 12 Jun 2010, at 12:35, David W Noon wrote:
3 >>> ... Dovecot, but quickly replaced by dbmail.
5 >> Can I ask you why?
7 > Certainly.
8 >
9 > I wanted the messages to be stored in a single, dedicated logical
10 > volume in my DASD farm. Dovecot always stored them in each user's
11 > ~/Mail/ directory, so they were all over the /home L.V.
13 Dovecot will store them where you tell it to. You could have easily
14 stored them all in a single directory like /var/virtual/mail/user, or
15 even used a hashed directory scheme (which might be desirable for very
16 large installations like ISPs)...
18 > In contrast, dbmail uses a database, in my case PostgreSQL, so it is
19 > up to the database administrator to decide where they go; but it is
20 > always in the one place. This makes for easy backup and restore: a
21 > cron jobs runs pg_dump every night on the dbmail database..
23 Storing mail in a database sounds interesting, but it *will* introduce a
24 very noticeable performance hit, there is simply no way around it...
26 >> I have found the author of Dovecot to be wonderfully responsive,
27 >> pushing out a fix for a deal-breaker issue for my site within hours
28 >> of me reporting it.
30 +5 Timo is coding madman... ;)
32 > Sieve is also integrated into dbmail.
34 And dovecot... and 2.0 will have even better integration.
36 >> The reject syntax [for sieve] seems nice and clear, but if the MX
37 >> server (for your email's domain name) has already accepted the
38 >> message then it's not really much good rejecting it. In fact, doing
39 >> so is surely frowned upon, isn't it?
41 > I use a quarantine folder in my IMAP4 account, and my sieve script
42 > places spam and infected messages there. Since the physical location
43 > is on a logical volume that holds a PostgreSQL tablespace, any malware
44 > is not executable, as that L.V. is mounted with "noexec". This is
45 > another advantage over placing mail in the /home L.V., in each user's
46 > home directory.
48 While dovecot+sieve does require a 'home' directory for sieve to work,
49 it doesn't have to be the users real home directory, and with
50 dovecot-LDA+sieve, you can safely reject at smtp time, and its vacation
51 message system is very sane (doesn't send vacation messages when it
52 shouldn't, like to mail lists, etc)...