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From: Andy Mender <andymenderunix@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] Small computing recommendations?
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2016 12:24:25
In Reply to: [gentoo-user] Small computing recommendations? by Daniel Campbell
1 Dear Daniel,
3 You're correct, Arduino is for tech projects. Not much of an actual
4 "computer",
5 because both the processor and amount of RAM are too weak. However, there is
6 a new board that supposedly runs a full-blown FreeBSD 3.x version. Cannot
7 find
8 a link to the blog entry now, sorry :(.
10 I would recommend taking a look at the Beaglebone Black boards. In some
11 cases
12 they're more potent than a standard Raspberry Pi. Since you mentioned being
13 FSF
14 friendly, does Raspberry not use a Broadcom chip for graphics?
16 The default will almost always be some sort of Debian-based distro. There
17 is a Gentoo
18 ARM project, so you could have a look whether it complies with your
19 expectations :).
21 Best regards,
22 Andy Mender
24 On 12 October 2016 at 13:56, Daniel Campbell <zlg@g.o> wrote:
26 > My birthday's coming up in 10 days and my SO and others are wanting to
27 > know what to get me for my birthday. I'm slowly growing tired of trying
28 > to keep my desktop Gentoo machine lightweight and "clean", so it'd be
29 > fun to hack on a little computer that I could possibly DIY a case or
30 > other arrangement for. Maybe a file/web server, or a "freetoo" machine
31 > where I can experiment with being rigidly FSF-APPROVED or other fun
32 > shenanigans.
33 >
34 > I've looked around at the Raspberry Pi 3, the Pocket CHIP (I also have
35 > PICO-8 and am hacking something for it), the Pi Zero, and have heard
36 > about the Beaglebone and Arduino, though isn't the latter meant for more
37 > interactive or robotic thing due to the large array of IO pins?
38 >
39 > If I had the right tools or gadgets, creating my own UMPC would be
40 > really fun.
41 >
42 > At a minimum, I would prefer HDMI instead of composite or VGA, though it
43 > could be headless and I just use SSH or an Adafruit LCD.
44 >
45 > Any opinions or use cases and stories would be much appreciated. I would
46 > prefer running Gentoo on it, but Debian, Mint, or Slackware would be
47 > tolerable.
48 > --
49 > Daniel Campbell - Gentoo Developer
50 > OpenPGP Key: 0x1EA055D6 @ hkp://
51 > fpr: AE03 9064 AE00 053C 270C 1DE4 6F7A 9091 1EA0 55D6
52 >
53 >


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