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Subject: [gentoo-user] Possible needed lib missing?
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2007 06:19:06
1 I'm building up a minimal install a bit at a time... Or I should say
2 building down. It was a full install at one point.
4 I'm getting strange behavior in vim when accessing the minimal machine
5 thru ssh from another gentoo box.
7 When using vims search tool on the remote (/) normally you can scroll
8 thru previous search strings with up/down arrow. But I'm getting <up>
9 printed literally instead when I press up/down to access a previous
10 search.
12 It seems a safe bet it has to do with paring down the install since it
13 worked normally previously.
15 I've edited down the world list, changed a number of USE flags,
16 changed the profile to hardened/x86/minimal. Ran emerge -vuDN world
17 followed by `emerge --depclean' and `revdep-rebuild'. All succeeded.
19 Does anyone know what library might be involved with scrolling
20 previous/next with up/down arrow keys in vim? I thought readline
21 right away but that is installed and at the newest version.
23 I also thought it might be from coming in via ssh with xterm going to
24 a console only install so I tried: TERM=linux ssh [...]
26 It made no difference at all.
28 Any ideas what else to look at?
30 --
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