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From: pk <peterk2@××××××××.se>
To: GentooUser <gentoo-user@l.g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-user] dhcpcd suddenly changed behaviour
Date: Mon, 01 Jun 2009 21:56:00
1 Hi,
3 I upgraded dhcpcd to 4.0.13 a couple of days ago and now it seems that
4 it has started to act as a dhcp server, without me changing any
5 configuration files. How can I stop it from acting as a server (I
6 already have a server in my adsl modem)? I tried googling but it seems
7 most hits I get are how to configure dhcpcd to act as a server, not as a
8 client...
10 I have this in my net.eth0:
11 modules=( "dhcpcd" )
12 config_eth0=( "dhcp" )
13 dhcpcd_eth0="-t 10"
14 dhcp_eth0="release nodns nontp nonis"
16 ... which worked perfectly before the upgrade...
18 Best regards
20 Peter K