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From: Jil Larner <jil@××××.eu>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] Enforcing passphrase protected ssh keys
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2008 11:16:36
In Reply to: [gentoo-user] Enforcing passphrase protected ssh keys by Alan McKinnon
1 Hello,
3 You cannot. The reason for this is simple : you can copy as many times
4 as you wish it your private key in any place. Even if you were able to
5 check-up that a private key is passphrase-protected, it wouldn't mean
6 every single copy of that key is protected so. And the interest of the
7 private key is that only the owners possesses it and hides it; thus you
8 shouldn't think about a mensual submission of the keyfile to
9 automatically check it is protected, because it would open a serious
10 security hole.
12 I see the problem you face because some time ago, I used
13 passphrase-protected keys on my usb stick and ones stored on windows,
14 but I assumed my linux system was secure enough not to need any more
15 password once logged in. Opinon I revised with time :)
17 If you generates the keypair for these users, you can protect them with
18 a complex password, so that lazy users may keep it and learn it (or
19 write it down...). Fortunately (from my point of view), you do not have
20 any single point of control on your users' private keyfile. Keeping
21 their credentials safe is of their responsibilities. Your security
22 officer probably knows that 80-90% of the security is about educating
23 people. To sensibilise them is you most efficient measure of control.
25 Any way I might think about checking the protection of a private key
26 seems to be a violation of privacy to me, regardless of the technology.
27 The one step you may act is when generating the key pair. What if you
28 generate it and transfer it to the user in a secure way, after they
29 filled a form with the password setting for the key ? This way, as they
30 chosed the password, they'd remember it and don't need to change it or
31 remove it, unless they really want to. Against that last case, there's
32 nothing you can do.
34 Good luck,
35 Jil.
37 Alan McKinnon a écrit :
38 > Hi all,
39 >
40 > I think I'm barking up an impossible tree, but it's worth asking.
41 >
42 > Scenario:
43 >
44 > I have an sshd-enabled jump box catering for 100+ users. They all use ssh keys
45 > and we ask them all nicely to passphrase-protect the private key and pretend
46 > that we enforce this. Keys are in use because the admin load of coping with
47 > passwords isn't worth the effort. Fortunately, I have a security officer who
48 > is properly clued up and very willing to listen to reason.
49 >
50 > My question:
51 >
52 > Is there any known way, no matter how convulted and bizarre, of checking and
53 > enforcing from the server end that a private key is passphrase protected? Our
54 > own research indicates no. One possible way is to audit the user's client
55 > machine, but we don't have that level of access (and don't want it either)
56 >
57 >


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