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From: Lord Sauron <lordsauronthegreat@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] EMERGENCY - GCC GONE!
Date: Wed, 31 May 2006 23:34:25
1 This is - for me - an emergency. No pun intended.
3 I had to get rid of all gcc versions 3.4.5 and greater to work with
4 gcc in Cygwin on my desktop to speed up the emerge of KDE 3.5 such
5 that I wouldn't finish when KDE 4.0 was released.
7 I gave it some pretty explicit instructions AFTER emerging
8 gcc-3.4.4-r1. emerge --unmerge gcc-3.4.5 gcc-3.4.5-r1 (the only two
9 greater that 3.4.4 that I had installed).
11 For reasons that I can't fathom, gcc, is now gone. Totally.
12 Completely. Not there.
14 I know some of you are going to be laughing your heads off at what can
15 only be a gigantic error in syntaxing my command to emerge, however, I
16 don't find it at all funny. I can't start KDE, I can't emerge gcc to
17 fix the problem, I can't eix gcc to see what versions of gcc are still
18 there, and other things. To me it looks like Python is totally
19 broken. It keeps asking for, which apparently no
20 longer exists.
22 I'm totally and completely devoid of all ideas to fix this problem.
23 My best idea has been to try and distcc with my desktop a version of
24 gcc, however, if even emerge --search won't work, I'm willing to bet
25 that adding FEATURES="distcc" to my make.conf won't do much more than
26 make a minor footnote in the list of problems I face.
28 I'm pretty much scared of having to either 1) reinstall Gentoo or 2)
29 go back to Kubuntu, so help here would be beyond excellent.
31 I'm not sure how violate an idea this is, but I think it might (some
32 gigantic emphasis on the might part) be possible to take another
33 generic i386/i686 copy of and paste it into where it's
34 needed. I think this might fix the problem so that I can the get
35 emerge to work enough to distcc my way into patching up my critically
36 wounded system.
38 Before anyone makes me confess, YES! I KILLED MY SYSTEM! However, I
39 have to defend my pride in saying it wasn't something dumb like
40 blindly following some rm -r command from some website.
42 Any help here would be just great. Thanks for any help you can give in advance.
44 --
45 ========== GCv3.12 ==========
46 GCS d-(++) s+: a? C++ UL+>++++ P+
47 L++ E--- W+(+++) N++ o? K? w--- O? M+
48 V? PS- PE+ Y-(--) PGP- t+++ 5? X R tv-- b+
49 DI+++ D+ G e* h- !r !y
50 ========= END GCv3.12 ========
51 --
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