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From: "Alan E. Davis" <lngndvs@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] simple POP mail with Gmail?
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2006 04:32:51
1 I have been beating my head against some email issues for a long
2 time, so it's time to cry "Uncle!"
4 I have been able to download my POP mail via fetchmail, but every time
5 I download, the download limit has been about 1MB. I would like to
6 have a local copy of all of my mail, an archive, and I want to compose
7 my mail off-line. I would like to have an MTA set u], like I used to
8 , to send all my email in a batch when I connect.
10 I like MH alot. I like Sylpheed / Sylpheed-claws, VM and some other
11 GUI apps that work over the top of MH. I have several hard
12 drives/partitions with historical archives of email in mh format from
13 long ago.
15 I tried to follow a couple of howtos, and got lost in a miasma of
16 encryption/authorization configuration issues that will probably lead
17 to other problems later on. I'd like to do this in the simplest, most
18 direct way possible---although I would not mind a bit of security, I
19 don't want to get lost along the way.
21 Some questions:
23 1. Can I use fetchmail to fetch only the latest 1000 (or so) emails
24 from gmail? I'd like to have an archive, up to date, for all email,
25 but I have several machines. I have used a POP "client" in the past
26 that I could do this, but cannot find such parameters for fetchmail.
27 So far, every time I try to run fetchmail, or Sylpheed/Sylpheed-claws,
28 the same thing happens---the downloads start from the earliest files
29 on gmail's server, and only will download 1MB. In the numerous times
30 I have started this, I haven't been able to reach anything near
31 current. Are the files on the server marked somehow, or can I cause
32 them to be marked so I don't grab them again (say, on another machine,
33 but by me)?
34 2. How to incorporate all of the various Mail archives into a
35 single, up to date one, to enable weeding and sorting all of those
36 files from times gone by.
37 3. SMTP issues: is it even reasonable to ask for help to render a
38 simple setup to use gmail as an smtp server? I had it working two
39 years ago, or so, but it doesn't want to work anymore. For me. So
40 far.
42 I'd be happy to use sylpheed as a temporary gui email "client" with
43 the ability to use fetchmail to do daily updates. GNUS is a
44 possibility: I like GNUS, and I suppose it's reasonable to run a
45 separate emacs process to run GNUS. I want to avoid evolution, as
46 slick as it is, or thunderbird.
48 I apologize that this seems a very complicated bunch of questions.
49 Email has always seemed complicated to me, though.
51 Alan
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