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From: Nils Holland <nhg@×××××.org>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Two local subnets and IPv6
Date: Mon, 07 Mar 2011 23:52:48
1 Hi folks,
3 well, this is not a strictly Gentoo-related question, but probably
4 someone in here has an idea on this anyway.
6 I currently have the following situation here:
8 |Internet|
9 | (Dynamic public IPv4 address)
10 DSL-Router
11 | (
12 -
13 | (, via WLAN)
14 GentooBox1
15 | (, via Ethernet)
16 -
17 | (, via Ethernet)
18 GentooBox2...n
20 The point in this setup is to have one machine with the best WLAN
21 reception the Internet connection via WLAN, and serve as a router so
22 that the other machines (many of which have problems receiving the
23 weak WLAN signal) are connected via Ethernet and can reach the
24 Internet via GentooBox1 (and communicate with one another at 100
25 MBit/s or GigE speed). Works fine. Will do the job at least until
26 I'll finally come around to pulling a cable between the DSL router in
27 the floor below me and this room, which is the eventually planned
28 solution.
30 Now, however, IPv6 has entered the picture and makes things more
31 difficult. At least I have not yet been able to find a way to make it
32 work nicely in this scenario. Currently, I'm receiving IPv6 via a 6to4
33 tunnel established directly by my DSL router. So the above diagram,
34 with regard to IPv6, would look like this:
36 |Internet|
37 |
38 DSL-Router
39 | (dynamic /48 based on its current public IPv4 address)
40 -
41 | (/64 address based on prefix and MAC of interface,
42 | assigned magically by the DSL router (I guess) (WLAN))
43 GentooBox1
44 | ??? (Ethernet)
45 -
46 | ??? (Ethernet)
47 GentooBox2...n
49 The ??? are where my problems start. I don't really have a clue what
50 to do here. I probably shouldn't really manually assign IPv6 addresses
51 to GentooBox1's and GentooBox2's Ethernet cards, since these wouldn't
52 be worth much, as the prefix would change any time the IPv4 address
53 that serves as a basis for the 6to4 address changes. I could also
54 install radvd on GentooBox1, but the changing prefix would probably be
55 a problem in that case as well, and I have the feeling that this
56 wouldn't help me much anyway, as I'd probably have to add some routes
57 to my DSL router's routing table for things to work - problem is, the
58 DSL router will only let me manually add IPv4 routes, not IPv6 ones
59 (at least with its official firmware).
61 So, any ideas or pointers what I could do here? Of course, if I didn't
62 have two subnets, things would be simple (then the DSL router could
63 handle everything), but this just isn't the situation I have here
64 right now. Bridging the Ethernet interface and the WLAN interface on
65 GentooBox1 was my first idea actually, but doesn't seem to work with
66 its WLAN NIC. And of course, any machines "behind" GentooBox2 could
67 establish their own IPv6 tunnel connections, but ... well ... I the
68 strong feeling that what I've been trying above should work as well
69 ... somehow! ;-)
71 Greetings,
72 Nils
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