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From: "András
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Subject: [gentoo-user] screen, mc, htop
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2009 19:35:06
Hi all!

I'm here again.

So, the problem points is I can't decide what is the real problem. But
I can describe the symptomes.

I use screen lot of and I like it veery much. Few weeks ago - when I
reinstall gentoo, started this weird thing.
If I start mc in the screen nothings happen. I can see the cursos is
stop before the last line and waiting...
Generally first time the mc is start and I can work with. But, random
long time later the mc is start doing this stupid behavior what I
wrote upper. This thing is independent what I did. Last time is
started after I use vim to edit an file. Yesterday started after I
write in mc's command line 'df -h' and hit Enter.

If I detached screen I can start an mc. So, mc is working. If I
straced the process what is waiting I can see only this in the outline
of strace:


In the screen I can't interrupt the process with Control-c or
Control-d. I can kill this process with C-a K but in this case the
screen windows will die too.
The screen do this with users and root user too. The 'screen -wipe'
command isn't solution. About my experiences the reboot is the
solution, only...

The important informations:
app-misc/screen-4.0.3 multiuser nethack pam -debug -selinux
app-misc/mc-4.6.2_pre1 7zip gpm ncurses nls -samba slang unicode -X

This information is enough or do you need more?

But there is an another crazy thing.
If I start htop - after the mc and screen started doing the strange
behavior - nothing happen. I detouch the screen and touch back the
htop is working fine.

I hope somebody can tell me what is the problem because I don't know. :(

Thank you!


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