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Subject: [gentoo-user] problems getting systemd to work
Date: Mon, 12 May 2014 07:22:29
1 Hi. I have been trying to get systemd to boot, but I have run into
2 several problems and need some help. I am using everything but /boot as
3 lvm's, with a separate user partition. I had to copy systemd to /sbin
4 because the initrd looks for the realinit too soon, but that is maybe
5 another matter.
7 I had set confirm_spawn=y in the kernel command line, but it only waits
8 a short time and then says assuming positive response and tries to
9 continue -- how can I get it to wait for me? Also, even so, it died on
10 mounting of my lvms, saying there was some kind of timeout and came to a
11 complete halt (maybe it was a shell, but no prompt) after all those
12 failed, so I could do nothing much. Openrc works fine, but I was trying
13 to get gnome to work, so I was trying to use systemd.
15 It saved no logs (none I can find), but then again /var was not mounted.
17 Any help with this would be appreciated.
19 --
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21 How do
22 you spend it?
24 John Covici
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