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From: Jack <ostroffjh@×××××××××××××××××.net>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] any experience with wayland?
Date: Thu, 09 Jan 2020 16:35:41
1 I finally decided to give Wayland a try, but it hasn't gone very well.
2 I started by enabling the wayland use flag in make.conf, and let emerge
3 make all required updates. I also added the gbm use flag, which only
4 changed one or two packages, Based on various wiki and forum posts,
5 I'm using "dbus-run-session startplasma-wayland" as the last line in
6 .xinitrc, and launching with startx.
8 I have two monitors which run just fine at 1920x1080 in xorg. Using
9 wayland, the system seems to use only a single 1024x768 area in the
10 upper left of the left monitor. The mouse can move all over both
11 monitors (small white x) but all apps are restricted to that
12 constrained area. There is no toolbar. I have tried googling for
13 wayland and various combinations of dual monitor and limited
14 resolution, but haven't found anything at all relevant that isn't at
15 least four or five years old. I've looked through multiple wikis and
16 forums, and not found anything helpful.
18 Any pointers to some docs I might have missed? Any thoughts on whether
19 this should be possible? I've got an AMD GPU. I realize there may be
20 some applications that still won't play nice with Wayland, but I expect
21 that the basic stuff (especially most KDE stuff, including kwin) should
22 work.
24 Thanks for any suggestions.
26 Jack


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