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From: Julien Roy <julien@××××.ca>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] KDE Plasma sound not working
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2022 02:50:49
In Reply to: [gentoo-user] KDE Plasma sound not working by Peter Humphrey
1 Hello,
4 I'm not sure if my previous email went through correctly, so I will try
5 again:
8 A few suggestions to pin point the source of your problem:
10 - Try with a different audio device to test if the issue is localized to
11 this USB dongle, or if it is "system wide",
13 - Install a different DE (or perhaps a WM would be faster), to see
14 whether this is KDE-related, or system wide,
16 - Take a copy/backup/snapshot of your new user account before the issue
17 occurs, and compare it (specifically the config files) to the account
18 after the issue appears. This may help you find out if KDE is doing
19 something fishy with a config file somewhere that triggers the problem.
20 Alternatively, you could also revert to the snapshot and see if that
21 fixes the problem. If so, then you might want to take more granular
22 snapshots (specific folders or files), and restore specific folders as
23 the issue appears, to figure out where exactly the problem is located.
25 As for the drive that wants to mount itself, I don't think it is related
26 to this audio problem, but KDE (and DEs in general) have settings to
27 allow mounting devices (automatically) through the DE itself rather than
28 fstab, which explains why the noauto setting is being ignored : check
29 the settings in KDE to see if it's setup to auto mount devices.
32 Regard,
34 Julien
36 On 6/14/22 22:00, Peter Humphrey wrote:
37 > Hello list,
38 >
39 > I thought it was time to start a fresh thread, so here it is.
40 >
41 > I still have no working sound. I keep thinking I've fixed the problem, only to
42 > be proved wrong at the next reboot. The hardware is a USB dongle with a Unitek
43 > Y-247A chipset and I'm using an ordinary 3.5mm wired connection.
44 >
45 > The problem seems to be in my user account, because I can create a new user,
46 > then adjust control panel values to suit, logging out and in after each
47 > change. The sound keeps operating as it should - until I reboot, and then it's
48 > dead.
49 >
50 > By 'dead' I mean (a) it's silent, and (b) when I click the control panel
51 > button to test a speaker, the icon changes colour to show it's working, but it
52 > just hangs and never comes back.
53 >
54 > This reminds me of another problem, in which Konsole windows are not always
55 > restored after a login. This has still not been fixed; two bugs refer:
56 >
57 > 1.
58 > 2.
59 >
60 > Something else also changes at the first reboot after creating a new user
61 > account: a dialogue box opens requesting permission to mount a partition - but
62 > that partition is one of several marked 'noauto' in fstab. (Screen shot
63 > attached.)
64 >
65 > What can possibly live under /home/prh and cause all this disruption? I might
66 > suspect I'd been hacked, but I've rebuilt a new system several times, and I've
67 > lost count of the times I've thrown away my user account and started again.
68 >