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From: Dale <rdalek1967@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] Frontier ADSL modem and IP address
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2019 23:52:44
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-user] Frontier ADSL modem and IP address by Jack
1 Jack wrote:
2 > On 2019.12.30 18:21, Dale wrote:
3 >>
4 >>>> To be honest, it doesn't seem to change from when I'm hooked to the
5 >>>> older hardware. I dunno.
6 > I just noticed this.  If you are not completely resetting the PCs
7 > connection info when swapping between the two different routers, you
8 > will definitely have problems.  I might even resort to a 30:30:30
9 > reset of the router (I'd have to look up the details myself), be sure
10 > your PC knows it is disconnected from network, reconnect, and see if
11 > this info resets.  I'd consider not just doing an ip down ip up type
12 > reset, but using the open-rc or systemd incantation to restart the
13 > network service completely.  (The extreme version would be a reboot,
14 > but that sounds too MS.)
16 Well, I restart it this way.  /etc/init.d/net.eth1 restart  From my
17 understanding, that should reset it and make it renegotiate the
18 connection.  It could be that the puter is telling the modem to use the
19 same old address.  If it is, should work.  We know about that word
20 should tho.  What gets me, the data transfer.  That's what makes me
21 think the way you are.  I can't say you're wrong because it makes
22 sense.  I would think it would reset the data transfer numbers.
25 >> >>
26 >> >> Open to ideas if anyone has some. 
27 >> > Can you get to the internet?  If so, then a traceroute might show
28 >> > where the packets think they are going.  If not, then you may not have
29 >> > a proper connection between the router and PC.  Those mismatched
30 >> > network numbers could be the issue.  (I don't know if you are sending
31 >> > these messages using that connection, or sending from another device.)
32 >> >>
33 >> >> Dale
34 >> > Jack
35 >>
36 >> Right now, I'm on my old hardware.  When I hook up the new, to me,
37 >> hardware, I have to disconnect the old hardware.  If nothing else, I
38 >> was concerned both might have the same address, both being modems
39 >> basically, and would result in a conflict.  When I connect to the new
40 >> hardware, I can't get anywhere, yet.  The DSL signal is there since
41 >> the light is on but it can't connect since I can't access it to give
42 >> it the user/password info. 
43 > You can plug the new router (power) but NOT connect it to the DSL
44 > line.  That way, you can connect your computer to it to play with the
45 > IP address issues, and then just reconnect your PC to the old router
46 > (still connected to the outside world) to communicate.  Probably a bit
47 > less effort to switch back and forth that way.
48 >
49 > Bizarre new thought: have you tried putting the IPV6 address from
50 > ifconfig into the browser?
52 Since I have to unhook the phone line anyway, It's just moving one
53 ethernet cable.  The way I start out with a new modem, I hook the puter
54 straight to the modem, bypass the router.  One reason I do that, no
55 chance of conflict.  It's the wait for the DSL light and such that takes
56 a while. 
59 >>
60 >> I've never ran into this before.  Usually when I buy a modem or a
61 >> router, I can eventually find it without even googling for the IP. 
62 >> Generally the ones listed above will get me to the new device.  This
63 >> one, has me stumped.  Either it is broke somehow or it has one
64 >> strange ip address. 
65 > Being broke is certainly a possibility, but I'm thinking more that the
66 > router and PC just aren't getting in sync rather than a strange router
67 > setting.  Another reason to try a factory reset on the router, not
68 > just a power cycle.
69 >>
70 >> Thanks for the help.  Maybe I'll find gold at some point.  ;-)
71 >>
72 >> Dale
73 >>
74 >> :-)  :-) 
76 I'm hoping you are right.  It was cheap and the seller said he would
77 refund since he couldn't test it.  Still, I'd rather it work.  That's
78 why I bought it.  ;-)
80 Now let us hope.
82 Dale
84 :-)  :-)