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From: Dutch Ingraham <stoa@×××.us>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Codeblocks Fails to Exit Cleanly in Awesome WM
Date: Tue, 15 Aug 2017 14:29:34
Message-Id: 20170815142859.GA940@archlinux_on_HP.localdomain
1 Hi all:
3 I'm having a problem with Codeblocks not exiting cleanly when using the
4 Awesome WM. I've filed a bug report[1] but the wrangler closed it almost
5 immediately without any testing or attempt to confirm, so I'm asking for
6 your help here.
8 I am using Codeblocks-16.01 (the only unmasked version, which is keyworded
9 unstable) on both a full-unstable installation and on a mostly-stable
10 installation, both with only the 'contrib' use flag set. On both installations,
11 Codeblocks, when started from a menu in the Awesome WM, will not exit
12 cleanly. Specifically, when exiting in any manner, the GUI will disappear,
13 but the Codeblocks process continues to run.
15 However, when started from a terminal, Codeblocks does not show this behavior,
16 i.e., it does shut down completely and cleanly.
18 Additionally, this behavior does not present when using either the Plasma
19 desktop or the Fluxbox WM, i.e., Codeblocks will shutdown cleanly whether
20 started from a menu or from a terminal.
22 This is likely not strictly an upstream issue. This is almost certainly a Gentoo
23 issue, as issue I presented does not appear in Arch, Debian, or Fedora.
24 All three have the exact same version of Codeblocks as Gentoo; all three have
25 similar versions of Awesome (all in the 4.x branch) and Arch is using the
26 exact same version of Awesome (4.2) that I am using on both Gentoo
27 installations noted above.
29 Any help or other insights in debugging this issue are appreciated.
31 [1]


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