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From: james <garftd@×××××××.net>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] Gentoo Council vs Umbrella Corp ?
Date: Sat, 29 Aug 2020 17:16:16
1 On 8/28/20 5:10 PM, antlists wrote:
2 > On 28/08/2020 19:10, james wrote:
3 >>
4 >> A council member, from say England, could manage how 1/2 of what they
5 >> raise is spent. It could even "english centric" but must comply with
6 >> USA IRS standards. Our council could be expanded to many members, from
7 >> other countries, with a centic goal of spending Gentoo funds
8 >
9 > WHY? As a Brit I wouldn't want to touch the Americal Legal System with a
10 > barge pole!!!
11 >>
12 >> Truly, there is no other globally recognized tax system
13 >> like the USA-IRS (bad ass && world class open). That's why in times of
14 >> trouble, entrepreneurs world wide flock to the "dollar". Also, being
15 >> in elite standing with the USA-IRS opens many door doors to enhance
16 >> and promote and deploy GENTOO globally.
17 >
18 > And as a Brit, while HMRC may be a pain, I have precious little to do
19 > with them. My employer deals with them, and at the end of the year I
20 > occasionally get a letter saying I've overpaid my taxes and here's some
21 > money back. Do I REALLY want to get involved with some foreign system
22 > that's WAY more complicated?
23 >
24 > Get rid of your rose-tinted spectacles. For the MAJORITY of Brits, our
25 > tax system is way less complicated than yours. You'd be better off
26 > moving the foundation to somewhere that doesn't have your insane mix of
27 > state and federal taxes, and doesn't offload the responsibility onto
28 > people who don't understand the system.
29 >
30 > Cheers,
31 > Wol
34 Each group of gentoo users, by legal status of the country they reside
35 in, has to be responsible for keeping their gentoo activities safe,
36 legal and prosperous. You are absolutely correct. I too struggle with
37 American laws; I feel your pain and outrage at the USA government.
40 Never the less, Gentoo is anchored, legally, in the USA?
41 So that is my perspective. My efforts. My area of involvement with
42 Gentoo is centric to and under the auspices of the USA tax codes and
43 other legal requirements. I know that England is a wonderful place, as I
44 have many friends there.
46 I assume we are stuck with the American legal system, as that is where
47 Gentoo, historically, choose. None of that precludes Gentoo from forming
48 legal branches in other countries, except for costs and a mountain of
49 ever expanding legal requirements. So, that is often, the overwhelming
50 reason many global charities choose the USA
51 and all of the legal encumbrances that are required.
53 If you or others wish other legal foundations for Gentoo, make your
54 offers and suggestion to the Gentoo Council? Gentoo Devs? Besides if
55 the new triumvirate:
56 Canada, England, Australia and New Zealand is successful, then you can
57 compare Gentoo being registered therein, or keeping things in the USA?
59 Sound to me like you are an excellent candidate to join the Gentoo
60 Council? If so, contact Mgorny for pointers.
62 good luck.
63 James


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