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Subject: [gentoo-user] X -- swapping keys, keyboard rate
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2008 14:05:30
1 I use to have an X config many years ago, but one of the X upgrades
2 didn't like it and I had a lot of trouble trying to get it working
3 again, and then I found the new X was happy without any config file
4 (/etc/X11/xorg.conf), so I have been running that way for some time.
6 But the upgrade to 1.5, I think, along with evdev, has messed with the
7 mapping of several keys -- ALT and WINDOW on both left and right, and
8 MENU on the right side only, on my US pc105 keyboard. (I hope those
9 names are good enough. I don't know what the official names are.) I
10 used to have the single MENU key configured to control the window
11 manager (fvwm), but now either of the WINDOW keys does that, and MENU
12 is passed on thru to programs. The WINDOW and ALT keys used to be
13 swapped.
15 I guess I need some xkbcomp or xkbsetmap command to change this, but I
16 cannot decipher the man pages nor find any decent examples.
18 Another change is the keyboard repeat rate. I can stop autorepeat:
20 xset r off
22 I can turn it on
24 xset r rate
26 But I can't control either the initial delay or the repeat rate:
28 xset r rate 5000 10 (ought to be noticeable!)
29 xset r rate 350 25 (what I used to set)
31 The worst of it is that it buffers up the keys and keeps on sending
32 them out long after I have taken my fingers off. For instance, on
33 some web pages, Firefox can't scroll as fast as the keyboard wants it
34 to. If I hit an arrow key over and over as individual key presses, it
35 stops scrolling as soon as I stop banging the arrow key, but if I hold
36 down the arrow key, X's repeat function fills the key buffer with
37 arrow keys and the browser keeps scrolling long after I have taken my
38 finger off the key. Is there some way to correct this? This is not
39 the repeat rate because the default rate is good enough in editors or
40 on the command line. But the browser and X used to work together
41 better before, and the browser knew when my finger came off the arrow
42 key.
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