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From: Peter Humphrey <peter@××××××××××××.uk>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Report: Experience with f2fs
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2015 00:46:20
Message-Id: 3503230.7FN6pIXhZV@wstn
1 Some list members might be interested in how I've got on with f2fs
2 (flash-friendly file system).
4 According to genlop I first installed f2fs on my Atom mini-server box on
5 1/11/14 (that's November, for the benefit of transpondians), but I'm
6 pretty sure it must have been several months before that. I installed a
7 SanDisk SDSSDP-064G-G25 in late February last year and my admittedly
8 fallible memory says I changed to f2fs not many months after that, as
9 soon as I discovered it.
11 Until two or three weeks ago I had no problems at all. Then while doing
12 a routine backup tar started complaining about files having been moved
13 before it could copy them. It seems I had a copy of an /etc directory
14 from somewhere (perhaps a previous installation) under /root and some
15 files when listed showed question marks in all fields except their
16 names. I couldn't delete them, so I re-created the root partition and
17 restored from a backup.
19 So far so good, but then I started getting strange errors last week. For
20 instance, dovecot started throwing symbol-not-found errors. Finally,
21 after remerging whatever packages failed for a few days,
22 /var/log/messages suddenly appeared as a binary file again, and I'm
23 pretty sure that bug's been fixed.
25 Time to ditch f2fs, I thought, so I created all partitions as ext4 and
26 restored the oldest backup I still had, then ran emerge -e world and
27 resumed normal operations. I didn't zero out the partitions with dd;
28 perhaps I should have.
30 I'll watch what happens, but unless the SSD has failed after only a year
31 I shouldn't have any problems.
33 An interesting experience. Why should f2fs work faultlessly for several
34 months, then suffer repeated failures with no clear pattern?
36 --
37 Rgds
38 Peter.


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