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From: Mike Kazantsev <mike_kazantsev@×××××××.net>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Installing OSS / error adding oss-overlay
Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2009 09:48:03
Message-Id: 20090222144437.2adb5c52@coercion
Hello, list.

Since I've scrapped my old miniITX home router / server, I've missed
the ability to use speakers from laptop via wifi and esd/pulse, since
new machine doesn't have bult-in sound card.

Today I've got PCI-E Creative XFi Xtreme Audio, which, as far as I can
see isn't on alsa or creative open driver support list, but is
supported by OSS.
I'd be quite happy if someone can prove me wrong about this matter, btw,
since I have virtually no experience with OSS.

To the point:
AFAIK OSS in gentoo resides in oss-overlay, which I try to add with
standard 'layman -a oss-overlay':

root@damnation:~# layman -a oss-overlay
* Running command "/usr/bin/hg clone "" "/usr/portage/local/layman/oss-overlay""...
real URL is
abort: requirement '<!-- quirksmode -->' not supported!
* Failed to add overlay "oss-overlay".

So, it's some weird hg (mercurial) error, and google is eerie silent on
the matter. Same 'hg clone' with '--debug' flag (the easiest way I've
found to debug hg) yields the same error with just two additional lines
before it:

Requested URL: ''
(falling back to static-http)

That said, overlay can be freely browsed via web interface and looks
like pretty much alive to me. Mercurial don't seem to have any relevant
use-flags, but I've no experience working with it. Layman works fine for
several other (git and svn, not hg) overlays.

I'm sorry that the message got that fat, but the questions are these:

 - What might be wrong with the overlay, layman or hg?

 - Is there any other natural way to install basic tools like ossmixer
   and osstest on gentoo, aside from cloning the ebuilds by hand?

 - Should I even consider using OSS in gentoo, or it's mostly
   unsupported already (all I really need is esd or pulse daemon on top
   of it)?

 - Prehaps someone know a way to make this sound card work with alsa?

Thanks in advance.
Mike Kazantsev //


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