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From: James <wireless@×××××××××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Re: Custom ebuilds for CoreOS
Date: Tue, 02 Dec 2014 17:37:48
1 Rich Freeman <rich0 <at>> writes:
5 > > is integration of the best of the CoreOS ideas into "Gentoo proper".
6 >
7 > I'm not suggesting that "/usr types of systems" are going away. I'm
8 > just pointing out that they're not really the focus of CoreOS (hosting
9 > them inside containers is, but not running these kinds of applications
10 > in the host itself).
12 I do not intend to follow the CoreOS commercial path. It intend to mod
13 gentoo to achieve those attractive attributes back into my "gentoo proper".
14 tftp, pxe, dhcp, uefi and many other tools give us a path to
15 running the least (embedded) to the most (complex traditional server)
16 as an extension (compliment) to the cluster. So as was pointed out,
17 I'm merely "lifting" form CoreOS what they lifted from their predicessors;
18 no more no less. I see the gentoo admins being able to move hardrware
19 in and out of the cluster, dynamically and being able to run many
20 sorts of gentoo systems (embedded to fulls server) on a myriad of
21 hardware they own and control.
24 > You seem to be wanting a minimalist profile of Gentoo, not CoreOS.
26 YES!, I want Gentoo to "CRUSH" CoreOS because we can and our goal is not
27 to deceptively move users to a "rent the binary" jail. OK?
30 > < think many of us would love to see that, and I've been an advocate of
31 > paring down <at> system for just this reason. I just wouldn't use the
32 > term "CoreOS" with that as this is going to lead to confusion. CoreOS
33 > is a specialized distro intended to host containers, no more, no less.
35 OK, we see CoreOS differently. For me it was an Epiphany moment of
36 where I'm been trying to end up, with the aforementioned Gentoo twists.
38 > It isn't intended as a starting point for embedded projects or such.
39 > Sure, maybe you could make it work, but sooner or later CoreOS will
40 > make some change that will make you very unhappy because they aren't
41 > making it for you.
43 CoreOS will never be in my critical path. Large corporations will turn
44 computer scientist and hackers into WalMart type-employees. Conglomerates
45 are the enemy, imho. I fear Conglomerates much more than any group
46 of government idiots. ymmv.
48 (warning digression)
49 Just look at the entire "net neutrality"
50 turf struggle. That sort of "corner the market" monopolistic behavior
51 would not be possible, if we had just maintained the "MAE" precedence
52 for network peering. Obama had little choice; but, putting networks
53 under SS7 style telecom regulations is a deceptive and horrible idea.
54 Conglomerates lobby congress and get very bad ideas written into law.
55 All we needed is regulation to allow (force) all networks to peer with
56 other networks. The entire concept of "private peering" is horseshit
57 and it should be ended immediately. CoreOS and the "Cloud" lobbyist can
58 easily get regulations passed to put an end to this linux experiment, imho.
59 Differnt subject I know, but the tactics of conglomerates are always the
60 same. Roll up competition and eliminate it, oh all in the name of better
61 security and portecting our 1st amendment rights and our conglomerates.
62 (sorry of the digression).
66 > But, again, I'm all for a more lightweight Gentoo profile that doesn't
67 > bundle stuff like openssh, or even an init implementation (since we
68 > have several to choose from now).
70 Funny, ssh is one of a few things I would put into drastically reduce
71 @system. ymmv, unless you are going to add something like netconsole.c
72 back into the bundle.
74 I do not see my vision of the cluster (CoreOS insprired) to be limiting
75 to anyone at Gentoo. Not the embedded folks, not the mimalist, not
76 any init-camp, not the devs, hackers, or wannabees. And certainly
77 not the users. Is this a large undertaking? Certainly. Are the pieces
78 mostly already in existence, just scattered about and transversing time?
79 (methinks YES).
82 It all depends on how your vision works. Being older, I see a return to
83 massive diskless nodes being what CoreOS and the entire "Cloud Vendor"
84 conglomerates want. Conversely, I see those cheap microP now accompanied by
85 enormous amount of ram and SSD that is dirt cheap forming the building
86 blocks for the Gentoo cluster paradigm shift. I see Gentoo "smashing" that
87 "Cloud-vendor CoreOS" paradigm by provide what they offer and so much more
88 (full /usr systems) out of the same core codebase. I see Gentoo keeping the
89 rank and file computer scientists and hackers, gamefully employed. I see
90 the CoreOS folks migrating computer scientists and hackers to the Walmart
91 model of underemployment at a few conglomerates.
93 Gentoo provides an excellent set of choices and a very bright future for me
94 (cluster). Other can pick their own poison....
97 peace,
98 && thanks
100 James


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