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To: Gentoo Users List <gentoo-user@l.g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-user] Machine reboots immediately when suspended-to-disk
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2009 00:21:15
1 I've enabled suspend-to-disk in the kernel. When I issue the command
2 "echo disk > /sys/power/state", it suspends but *IMMEDIATELY* reboots
3 and comes back up again. The session restores properly from the swap
4 drive, so at least that part works. What can I do to keep it sleeping
5 until I power up again?
7 The major non-standard items with my system are that
9 1) I've set the short button-press on the power-button as a panic escape
10 to kick me to VT1, rather than reboot.
11 2) I've disabled {CTRL-ALT-DEL}, because I've hit it once too often at
12 home after becoming used to it on Windows at work... grrrrr
14 A relatively minor nuisance is due to the fact I combine "vga=6" in
15 /etc/lilo.conf with "CONSOLEFONT="lat1-10"" in /etc/conf.d/consolefont.
16 "vga=6" defaults to 8-pixel-high font on 640 pixels across by 480 pixels
17 high. This gives 60 rows of text, but is unreadable. Switching over to
18 a 10-pixel-high font gives a nicer, more readable, 48-row display.
20 After coming back from its very short suspend, the machine comes back
21 up with a 640 pixel x 480 scanline display as per "vga=6". It also
22 remembers that I have 48 lines on my text consoles. But it gives the
23 full 60 row display, with the bottom dozen rows not being used. I can
24 straighten this out by manually issuing the command...
25 "setfont /usr/share/consolefonts/lat1-10". Is there a script file that
26 can be set up to execute only after a resume?
28 --
29 Walter Dnes <waltdnes@××××××××.org>


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