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From: "Alan E. Davis" <lngndvs@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Seek advice: converting Sabayon to Gentoo ?
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2009 13:38:17
1 Hope not to bother, but ask advice about converting a nominally successful
2 Sabayon install to Gentoo.
4 I've been away from Gentoo for a while, found Ubuntu a joy if for no other
5 reason than to have time to do what I want to use my system for. I had
6 found Gentoo required an inordinant amount of time to maintain, and in
7 several installs, I have always been drawn away by the siren call of newer
8 and better unstable packages: eventually the systems became inconsistent
9 enough that I had to bail out. I tried all kinds of make world, etc.,
10 tricks and tips. Have NEVER had an emerge update to world go completely
11 well. Maybe one of the problems is the number of packages I install. I
12 just cannot spend three hours a day maintaining a system!
14 Two serious problems for me were Emacs as done for Ubuntu, and the lack of
15 TeXlive 2008.
17 But Ubuntu has some serious shortcomings, and some not so serious ones. I
18 ended up installing Sabayon 4.1, and it's ok. Had some trouble with "equo":
19 still don't really understand what it does, but I eventually have been using
20 emerge and just installing software of my choosing. The experience has been
21 somewhat elevating, in that none of the problems I've encountered over the
22 past week have been insurmountable.
24 Meanwhile I am brushing up on Gentoo installation methods, with an eye to
25 being ready if the time comes ...
27 So what I am asking this list is about the differences and similarities
28 between Sabayon and Gentoo. Years ago, I did the same thing, but in a short
29 time, my system was hosed when I started using emerge. This time, seemingly
30 I have better luck, but I have not installed packages.
32 May I request pointers to useful information on this topic? (The conversion
33 of a modern Sabayon install to Gentoo)?
35 Gentoo makes the most sense to me. But Sabayon already has the hardware
36 under control.
38 Thank you,
40 Alan
43 Alan Davis
45 "...can the human soul be glimpsed through a microscope? Maybe, but you'd
46 definitely need one of those very good ones with two eyepieces."
48 -- Woody Allen, quoted by B. A. Palevitz


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