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From: Mick <michaelkintzios@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Plasma teething problems - Part I
Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2019 11:01:59
Message-Id: 1609409.kPdVWyr4yL@localhost
1 Well, not Plasma's but mine for sure. I have been chasing my tail trying to
2 reverse engineer processes/services/applications I do not want auto-running on
3 a fresh Plasma installation and I'm fast losing the will to live.
5 I've installed plasma-meta plus some kde-apps meta packages as follows:
7 kde-apps/kdeadmin-meta
8 kde-apps/kdecore-meta
9 kde-apps/kdegraphics-meta
10 kde-apps/kdemultimedia-meta
11 kde-apps/kdenetwork-meta
12 kde-apps/kdepim-meta
13 kde-apps/kdeutils-meta
14 kde-apps/kwalletmanager
15 kde-frameworks/oxygen-icons
16 kde-plasma/plasma-meta
18 One of the above[1] brought in NetworkManager, which I don't use because for
19 my use case there's nothing wrong with openrc netifrc scripts. When I plug in
20 a USB wireless adaptor nothing happens since it stays dormant, although its
21 LED illuminates. Then I enable it by starting 'net.wlp0s18f2u1' and at that
22 point NM starts fighting over the wireless adaptor, resulting in the unpleasant
23 phenomenon of dropping the connection every few minutes and changing its MAC
24 address, consequently rendering it unusable with APs which implement ACL.
26 [1] kde-plasma/plasma-meta requires kde-plasma/powerdevil, which requires kde-
27 frameworks/networkmanager-qt, which requires net-misc/networkmanager, which
28 requires net-misc/modemmanager
30 So I naively thought, let's try stopping NM (note: the NetworkManager rc
31 service is not set to run at any level, so something else is starting it).
32 The moment I stop NM I find my logs being flooded with a storm of 'dbus failing
33 to start obex', which bluez wants. Note: I have not started a bluetooth
34 service, or tried running bluetootctl, and BTW rfkill shows the bluetooth
35 adaptor is soft blocked anyway.
37 So I now try to stop dbus and restart it, which results in losing access to
38 any Plasma menu applications, so I can't launch any application. It may be
39 worth mentioning when I leave alone NM and just disable the USB adaptor from
40 openrc, I also lose access to launching KDE applications (the error message
41 when trying to launch an app from a terminal mentions a Qt error).
43 Could someone more knowledgeable in Plasma/KDE shenanigans please explain how
44 I can end up with a workable USB wireless dongle, which I can enable/disable
45 at will?
47 --
48 Regards,
50 Mick


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