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Subject: [gentoo-user] using eclipse with java
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2014 16:11:17
1 I am a CS prof at NYU, which uses Java for CS 101. I have taught this
2 course a few times and have learned Java as a result. During my
3 sabbatical year (a coincidence? :-) )the department decided to teach the
4 eclipse IDE.
6 I have never used an IDE so though i should try now instead of waiting
7 until september.
9 merging eclipse-ecj was painless and sure enough it does seem to compile
10 my programs. It even noticed that I didn't close a scanner.
11 I can still use javac if desired. Fine.
13 I have not yet merged eclipse-sdk. Must I merge this? The only version
14 in the main tree is masked and it brings in 83! packages.
16 Others in the dept (and students) praise the eclipse debugger. I don't
17 see how I will be invoking it. Also what about the eclipse editor?
19 I guess, I need to be pointed at the right documentation. I went to
20 but am not sure where to go to from here.
22 thanks,
23 allan


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