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From: Roman Zimmermann <mereandor@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] static/dynamic linking libraries
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2007 09:05:52
1 I'm now using gentoo with EXTRA_ECONF="--disable-static" for a while and it
2 seems quite stable. Sometimes I encounter a package that won't build with
3 this setting, but that's a rare occasion. At the moment this packages are for
4 me:
5 x11-libs/libXxf86vm
6 sys-devel/gdb-6.6
7 dev-libs/jrtplib-3.5.2
8 dev-libs/libpcre
9 sys-apps/ed
10 I see that this way to disable static libraries is not perfect.
12 Disabling static linking has - for me - before all the advantage of reducing
13 size for most packages - for some packages up to 50%.
15 So I'm curious why (nearly?) all ebuilds build static _and_ dynamic libraries?
16 I understand that the current way is pretty hassle-free. But from my
17 perspective a (possibly officialy unsupported) way to make things easier for
18 people who wan't the choice would be fine.
20 I'm sorry if there has been such a discussion already. Also I don't want to
21 start a flame about what is the better choice (static or dynamic).
23 regards
24 Roman