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From: Albert Hopkins <marduk@×××××××××××.org>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] [way OT] Firefox qt download file names
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 13:50:37
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1 On Wed, 2008-01-23 at 18:58 -0600, reader@×××××××.com wrote:
2 > My sister has posted some video of my nieces wedding online for the
3 > family to view.
4 >
5 > When I hit the site (on WindowsXP) my browser (firefox) displays it in
6 > quicktime. I don't see any opportunity to download the file and I
7 > hate to have to just record it from the screen. I'm pretty sure
8 > firefox is downloading the video somewhere so I thought I might be
9 > able to get that file somehow.
10 >
11 > Can anyone coach me at all as to how to go about that?
12 >
13 I don't know about Firefox, but in Epiphany (which is also Gecko-based)
14 you can Shift-click on a link to download it, else you can View/Page
15 Properties/Media and Click "Save Media As"
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