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Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] Re: Is there any Gentoo User webinar? or something like that?
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 2020 15:41:32
In Reply to: [gentoo-user] Re: Is there any Gentoo User webinar? or something like that? by Grant Edwards
1 On 30/09/2020 15:57, Grant Edwards wrote:
2 > If you wait many months between updates, things tend to get more
3 > difficult, and you may have to futz with things to get updated
4 > (e.g. remove a package or two, update, then reinstall the removed
5 > packages). It's sometimes not obvious how to proceed.
7 I don't think my main system has been updated for several years ... (but
8 that's because the old system that worked was decommissioned, and the
9 main system was pretty much guaranteed to crash when emerging...). So
10 I'm now building a new machine from scratch.
12 That said, if I haven't updated in a while I use one of two tricks ...
13 (1) when "emerge world" falls over I just emerge everything explicitly
14 that looks like it will update. After a couple of attempts, world often
15 runs to completion.
16 (2) if stuff won't emerge (and it doesn't look something critical) I
17 just "emerge -C1". As soon as I've removed enough to fix the blockage,
18 whatever I've deleted will just re-appear.
20 Cheers,
21 Wol