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Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] Courier Sub-addressing
Date: Fri, 22 May 2020 15:17:34
In Reply to: [gentoo-user] Courier Sub-addressing by Ashley Dixon
On 21/05/2020 21:14, Ashley Dixon wrote:
> Hello, > > I am attempting to set up sub-addressing on my Courier mail server, allowing > senders to directly deliver messages to a particular folder in my mailbox. For > example, I want to provide my University with the address > `ash-AcademicMatters@××××××××××.uk` to force all their messages into the > "AcademicMatters" subdirectory. > > Unfortunately, I can't find any official Courier documentation regarding > sub-addressing. I have found [1], however I'm not sure it will apply as I am > using virtual mailboxes.
If I understand what you are attempting correctly (not a given!) then what you are trying won't work. You're confusing multiple *folders* with multiple *users*. I'm probably not describing this right, but let's say you've got a small business, with a POP3 email account of "business@××××××.uk". However, you've set up a central server with each user having their own account eg John, Mary & Sue. So you configure Sue's mail client to have an address of "Sue <sue+business@××××××.uk>". Out in the internet, smtp servers look at the bit to deliver it to the right mailserver. Your ISP sees "sue+business", *ignores* the bit in front of the plus, and puts it in the "business" pop account. Your local mailserver now pulls down the email, ignores the bit *after* the +, and shoves it in Sue's email. This is, I believe, an RFC so Courier is simply implementing the spec. That's probably why there is precious little Courier reference material, it assumes you have the RFC to hand ... I don't know what happens with your "-" example, but it just looks wrong to me. It should be looking for an AcademicMatters POP account, and then delivering the mail to a user account called ash on the server called AcademicMatters. Internet email addresses and domains are read right-to-left (Janet used to be left-to-right, but the Americans won, as usual). Cheers, Wol


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