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From: Ralph Slooten <axllent@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Reiserfs meltdown
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2006 10:39:44
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4 Hiya list,
6 Just need some opinions here, and am not looking for a raving flame-war
7 regarding which file system is better etc ;-) ~ Oh and please excuse the
8 long mail, but I need explain my situation clearly to avoid confusion.
10 Last week Friday while I was work I successfully upgraded my home
11 workstation via ssh to the current Xorg 7.0. The wife came home and
12 unintentionally turned Off the main power to the PC instead of On (she
13 thought the PC was off). Since then everything started going really bad
14 on my root partition.
16 KDE needed a few things to be upgraded to fix dependencies which seemed
17 to trigger the following errors. Random KDE components (like kdm) would
18 sometimes start, sometimes not, depending on the reboot. Sometimes in
19 /var/log/messages there were hints to *missing* *.so files in the
20 /usr/kde/3.5/lib folder, yet they did *appear* to be there ~ although
21 when doing a simple `ls` of the lib directory I got (depending on the
22 reboot) between 10 and 30 errors about missing files or directories. It
23 seemed that reiserfs had "catalogued" that files were supposed to be
24 there, but `ls /usr/kde/3.5/lib` could not find them.
26 For the record I am using reiserfs 3.6 (default in vanilla kernel, no
27 patches) ~ not 4.x.
30 The lib dir is also included in /etc/ and ldconfig was run
31 several times to test. After a reboot I would get different errors, and
32 sometimes none when it would just work (Xorg / kde). `revdep-rebuild -p`
33 came up after every reboot with different packages, indicating it
34 detected different missing *.so files after each reboot, mainly in the
35 /usr/kde/3.5/lib.
37 Now I know Linux, and errors like this are not normal in any way. I
38 rebooted with the Gentoo Live-cd and did a few disc scans (fsck) of my
39 root reiserfs partition. Every single time I ran it it would find errors
40 and fix. I did a `--rebuild-tree -S` and for 45 minutes I got error
41 after error after error (thousands), apparently all fixed. Re-running
42 the scan started the whole error-fixing process again. A "badblocks"
43 test showed no error on the partition though.
45 I decided that my reiserfs file tree must have been corrupt, and
46 formatted the root drive (`mkreiserfs /dev/hda3`) and restored a full
47 backup (dar). After a reboot a repreated the scan, to find the same
48 issues again. It seems a format did not clean the file table or
49 something, I don't know.
51 As a last test I formatted the root partition as an ext2 partition, and
52 again restored the backup. No errors, no bad blocks, no problems.
54 What gives? I don't want to use ext2 or ext3, and I have for a couple of
55 years now relied on reiserfs on all my systems, but what could be the
56 problem here? Why did reiserfs seem to mess up like this, and why after
57 formatting it did I get the same errors again?
59 Regards,
60 Ralph
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