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From: Mark David Dumlao <madumlao@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] How does autotools/emerge/revdep-rebuild pick libraries when dependency-checking/compiling? (libpng12/14)
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2010 17:17:32
1 I'm installing a 3rd party binary on my system (odesk team) from here:
4 I remember last time I just picked the latest 64bit fedora version,
5 extracted their stuff, and placed it somewhere in opt. Recently
6 though, the app has been giving me some trouble, so I checked if there
7 was a later version and I was 3 minor revisions behind. Whoops! The
8 latest fc version depends on libpng12.
10 I still remember that whole libpng12 recompile nightmare a couple
11 months back that forced me to do a near equivalent of emerge -e...
12 hundreds of compiles, circular fails, some manual sedding,
13 lafilefixer, revdeps, and all that gentoo fun later and I've gotten me
14 to a pure libpng14 system in about a week. whoopee!
16 I'll probably try the arch version instead, but I'm curious now. If
17 ever I should install libpng12 (slotted to 1.2), what happens on my
18 next emerge? Configure will use a libpng version to use for compiles,
19 but which one will it use? Will my system still be mostly on libpng14
20 or is there a chance that some recompiles go back to libpng12? Havng
21 spent so much energy getting it one way I'd rather not have it
22 reversed.
23 --
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