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From: "Nuno J. Silva (aka njsg)" <nunojsilva@×××××××.pt>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Re: OT: Flash+nspluginwrapper versus Gnash comparisons?
Date: Sun, 03 Nov 2013 10:49:08
Message-Id: l559ln$o92$
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-user] OT: Flash+nspluginwrapper versus Gnash comparisons? by Daniel Campbell
1 On 2013-11-02, Daniel Campbell <lists@××××××××.us> wrote:
2 > On 10/31/2013 10:15 PM, Walter Dnes wrote:
3 >> I'm getting rather annoyed with Firefox. I don't want to get into
4 >> that flamewar right now. I'm trying to migrate to UZBL. The latest git
5 >> version is a lot better than the stale stable version. The uzbl-9999
6 >> ebuild is broken (yes, I've filed a bug), so I pull directly from git
7 >> and build and install to ~/.local. It's a steep learning curve, and
8 >> I've gradually resolved almost every issue. The last reason to have
9 >> Firefox or Opera hanging around is Flash. I subscribe to NHL GameCenter
10 >> Live and, so Flash functionality is mandatory for me.
11 >>
12 >> The git version of UZBL requires a recent version of webkit, which
13 >> requires gtk3. Flash is a gtk2 program, so it doesn't work. I've heard
14 >> that the 2 options are...
15 >> 1) Running Flash in nspluginwrapper
16 >> 2) Using Gnash to replace Flash
17 >>
18 >> How are people's experiences with the 2 options above?
19 >>
20 >
21 > Have you checked to see if the sites you use have an interface for
22 > mplayer or another media player? (Assuming they are streaming services
23 > similar to Youtube) If not, it may be simpler to use nspluginwrapper.
24 > Gnash compatibility can be spotty, but is improving. If you suspect that
25 > the services that you use don't use advanced/recent Flash features, give
26 > gnash a whirl.
27 >
28 > The last time I used gnash, it was completely fine for basic streaming
29 > stuff, but marketing sites and tech demos and (some) Newgrounds material
30 > was borked. But that was over 3 years ago; times have certainly changed,
31 > and I'd wager for the better. :)
32 >
33 > Good luck.
34 >
35 >
37 Use Gnash with Lightspark. That's actually a supported combination. Last
38 time I used them, they supported different versions of Flash (AVM1 and
39 AVM2).
41 If what annoys you in Firefox is the interface, you can also try some
42 addon that offers an alternative interface (uzbl screenshots look a lot
43 like firefox with pentadactyl) [not trying to get into a flame war,
44 really just suggesting something -- at least here (normal amd64) I can
45 use flash in firefox]
47 --
48 Nuno Silva (aka njsg)


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