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Subject: Re: [gentoo-user] Handling a sizable amount of spam and Dovecote question
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2022 17:29:13
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-user] Handling a sizable amount of spam and Dovecote question by Dale
1 > Well, for the moment, I want to use it for gmail that I'm posting with.
2 > My reason for this, Seamonkey is in a iffy state.  I've already started
3 > using Firefox and containers for most other things but use Seamonkey
4 > mostly for emails.  My hope, set up something local so that I don't lose
5 > any older emails and then be able to access those emails with whatever
6 > web browser or other tool I want, like Firefox.  Of course, I'd want to
7 > be able to send email as well.  Maybe this is a bigger task than I think
8 > it is.  Either way, I have Dovecote installed, think it is working but
9 > no idea what to do with it.
10 >
11 Just point your email client at dovecot. Or rather, create an account,
12 in your mail client, that points at your dovecot server. Bingo, one
13 empty IMAP mail account.
15 Now go into your ISP account in the same mail server, and set up client
16 filters to move all your mail across into your local (dovecot) account.
18 That way you don't need postfix, or fetchmail, or any other fancy mailer
19 service, you're using your normal mail client to copy your emails from
20 your isp down to your local system, and categorise and sort them.
22 I have rules that move all my mailing lists into dedicated folders,
23 marketing junk into dedicated folders (that expire), etc etc. I don't
24 actually have that much spam, but I have rules that move what I
25 recognise straight into "Deleted" :-)
27 Then your spam filter will end up like mine was at work - "Anything I
28 want gets moved into dedicated folders, anything left is probably spam".
29 So at regular intervals I just sorted my inbox by subject, and
30 bulk-deleted pretty much the lot. When scanning by subject, you tend to
31 get multiple spams with the same subject, so any ham will stand out
32 because there's just the one ...
34 (Of course, you could configure fetchmail to collect your mail and dump
35 it straight into dovecot ...)
37 Cheers,
38 Wol


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