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From: Michael Sullivan <michael@××××××××××××.com>
To: gentoo-user <gentoo-user@l.g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-user] OT - Need help diagnosing scanning problem with new DSL service
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2006 06:37:10
1 This morning I got my router to interface successfully with my new SBC
2 DSL modem. I got my new network information from SBC. Here it is.
4 My gateway is
5 Static IP addresses assigned for my use are:
7 First of all, I've never dealt with managing more than one static IP
8 address before. As for the gateway, that's always been my router
9 (currently located inside the network at Inside the
10 network, my three hosts are numbered I've updated my
11 external network DNS settings (hosted through Yahoo) and everything
12 seems to be going smoothly. Except...
14 Here's my problem. One of my users has been having trouble connecting
15 to my server via FTP for some time. I haven't really worried about it
16 that much because he's the only one having trouble (I know that's
17 horrible of me), and because he has expressed no interest whatsoever in
18 using any of the alternate methods I've suggested to him of getting
19 files into his webspace. I thought it might have had something about
20 his ISP not getting along with my ISP, or something stupid like that.
21 Now I have a new ISP. I thought I'd try things again. My router is set
22 to reroute all requests to port 22 (FTP) to internal address
23 (which is my server box). However, when I try to run nmap on
24 (I know it's the address of my router, but it's what I
25 always did when I had only one external static IP address), the only
26 information I can get is that all ports are filtered. I don't even know
27 what that means. I figure that's because it's scanning my router
28 instead of the server under it where it's supposed to be forwarding
29 requests to several different ports on. What I'm asking is, how can I
30 get the necessary information from my server box (inside the network)
31 instead of the router which serves as a gateway? If it matters, my
32 router is a Linksys Wireless-B Broadband router. This has really got me
33 confused. I can't ping, I can't telnet to any of the
34 ports that are set to be open, and no matter what I try I can't get any
35 kind of response from - actually not any output at all.
36 In all cases of pinging and telneting I've had to Cntrl+C to get out of
37 it because it doesn't tell me anything. And yet mail is going through
38 and I can access web pages on my server. My vsftpd.log file on the
39 server even showed an anonymous login to the FTP server earlier this
40 afternoon (after I hooked the router to the DSL modem.) This has got me
41 very very confused....
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