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Subject: [gentoo-user] initial compile time
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2017 11:42:39
1 Ok, i'm starting to understand the install instructions, a steeper curve than i expected but still way easier than LFS.
2 So, on a dual core athlon II 6000 (two cores, 3ghz)  roughly how long will stage3 take to compile, roughly?
4 next month i'll be setting up a compiler farm with 3 other, similiar machines which should help, will also be upgrading cpus to 4 or 6 core, and have one machine that can upgraded for phenom and one i can update to opteron, according to the board makers (it just needs a different bios).  
6 If i had the supporting bios any of my machines could upgrade to nearly any AMD socket 2 or 3+ chip, and i'll be looking for that and,  i'll also be looking at the linux bios project to see if any of my hardware is well supported, may also find custom bioses that gamers have made.
8  in any case, i'll be learning steep, which i love once i'm into it, and i'm about there with gentoo.  i love the useflags idea, and i was looking for a good os for learning linux, considered slack and lfs, But gentoo looks good, and i like to get my hands dirty.  couple of minor bugs in the handbook but not bad, also many links on other sites for with bad links, oh well, there always are.  I do realize the labor involved, hope to give some back to the community.  yes, i'm a computer nut, hardware and software, and the coming used machines all get a bath and the cases go into the shower with me, only big wet space in the place and haveing the head on a hose really helps.  I've run a mac board in a modified pc case, off of 2 lab type power supplies, actually for ahile it was naked on the table, works great, solves cooling issues (not that a 68040 gets that hot).  i've hand compiled assembly on a 6502 and a z80, the second one on a sinclair timex i put an external keyboard on and seperated the ram expansion board from the conector and velcroed it on top with some ribbon cable.  i've actually used fortan a little on punch cards, on an old ibm 360 it think it was.  had a card punch i got at auction for a bit.  the old  ibm punches are nearly all mechanical, just like a selectric typwriter.  than again, i know a little cobol i can't make go away.
9 --
10 The Power Of the People Is Stronger Than The People In Charge.


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