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From: Grant Edwards <grant.b.edwards@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Re: experience with rsnapshot
Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2011 06:01:33
Message-Id: jakmh6$odq$
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1 On 2011-11-24, covici@××××××××××.com <covici@××××××××××.com> wrote:
3 > I am using rdiff-backup which is no longer maintained, but still seems
4 > to work, but I was thinking to use rsnapshot instead which seems like a
5 > nice way to do this, but this seems not to have been maintained for a
6 > while, either, so I was wondering if anyone is using it and how it works
7 > for you?
9 I set up rsnapshot a few months ago, and so far it seems to be working
10 fine. I found the documentation about how to configure the intervals
11 and schedule the jobs to be a bit confusing, but once the light bulb
12 went on, it's pretty easy.
14 --
15 Grant


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