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From: dhk <dhkuhl@×××××××××.net>
To: Gentoo <gentoo-user@l.g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-user] Updating a Standalone
Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2011 10:00:44
1 I have a Gentoo Box that is a standalone with no internet access. Is
2 there a way I can update it by using my laptop?
4 It would be nice to be able to sync a copy of my world list on my laptop
5 without clobbering my laptop's world list. Then do a fetch for the
6 standalone world and when on the console pf the standalone do the update
7 to the fetched packages on the laptop. The idea is not to have the
8 laptop as an image of the standalone, but as a server to sync to while
9 keeping the laptop's world separate.
11 Thanks,
13 dhk


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