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From: Dale <rdalek1967@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] Backup questions
Date: Thu, 09 Aug 2018 07:47:56
1 Howdy,
3 Long story short that leads up to my questions, I paid off some debt. 
4 Finally I'm getting around to doing some things I been wanting to do. 
5 One of them, backups.  I bought a hard drive enclosure that has a fan to
6 keep things cool.  Figured I would get a decent one that hopefully will
7 keep my drives working.  My relevant setup. 
9 I started with a 3TB hard drive for my /home directory, one partition,
10 years ago.  I stuck LVM on it so that I could add to or move things
11 around a bit with some ease.  Once that was starting to fill up, I
12 bought a second 3TB drive and added it to the LVM volume.  So, in
13 effect, I have a 6TB drive with 3.6TB of data on it at the moment.  The
14 biggest user of that space is videos. 
16 I just bought two external drive enclosures.  One is sort of a spare but
17 I do plan to do some backups on it, mostly pictures from my camera.  In
18 one of the enclosures I put a single 6TB drive that I found on ebay.  It
19 has about 7,000 hours on it so it should have some life left yet and it
20 passed the smartctl tests.  It is USB but it transfers fast.  Now to
21 some questions.  I use rsync.  Command looks something like rsync -auv
22 /source/ /destination/.  If I backup the config files in my home
23 directory, should I also include the --delete option?  If after a
24 upgrade for example a config file is deleted, because it is no longer
25 needed, or renamed, should the old file be removed or is there a reason
26 to keep them on the backups?  Adding the --delete option isn't a problem
27 command wise BUT I wonder if it can cause a problem at some point. 
28 Thoughts on that.  I plan to use the --delete option for videos since if
29 I deleted one, it is likely broken or something.  Biggest question is
30 about config files.
32 On the second enclosure I currently have a 160GB drive.  It's big enough
33 for my camera pictures.  I would like to backup up my pics to it and
34 then put the drive somewhere besides in the house.  I have a couple
35 external buildings that would be safe as far as rain etc but they are
36 not cooled, even tho it gets close to 100F and humid, real humid, here. 
37 My question is this.  Is it safe to store a drive in that sort of
38 environment?  I could see the building getting close to outside temps
39 during the day.  I do put a heater in it to prevent freezing during the
40 winter.  I usually set the heat to 40F.  I'm hoping someone has some
41 real world experience on storing in this sort of environment and not
42 just a text book theory.  One reason I want to put them elsewhere, house
43 fire.  Even a huge power strike could cause problems if plugged in.  We
44 do get lightening strikes here.  Maybe not as many as some but our fair
45 share.  The 6TB and 3TB drive may join this one as well.
47 I have a 3TB drive on the way, got a good deal on it.  I plan to remove
48 the 160GB and put the 3TB drive in the enclosure when it gets here. 
49 Later, I will get another enclosure for the 160GB drive.  In the end, I
50 will have 6TB, 3TB and a 160GB external drive.  Main backups on the 6TB,
51 possible second backup on 3TB of some important files and camera pics on
52 the 160GB. 
54 Anyone have some real world experience on these sorts of questions? 
56 Thanks.
58 Dale
60 :-)  :-) 


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