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From: John Blinka <john.blinka@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] zfs emerge failure
Date: Tue, 15 Aug 2017 21:19:34
1 Hi, Gentoo,
3 Hope someone can shed some light on continuing emerge failures for zfs
4 since gnetoo-sources-4.4.39 and zfs- I was able to install
5 that version of zfs with that kernel last November on one of my
6 machines, but have been unable to upgrade zfs since then, or to
7 install it in any newer kernel, or even to re-install the same version
8 on the same kernel.
10 Emerge fails consistently in the configuration phase for spl with the
11 following snippet in the log:
13 checking kernel source directory... /usr/src/linux
14 checking kernel build directory... /lib/modules/4.12.5-gentoo/build
15 checking kernel source version... Not found
16 configure: error: *** Cannot find UTS_RELEASE definition.
18 !!! Please attach the following file when seeking support:
19 !!! /var/tmp/portage/sys-kernel/spl-0.7.1/work/spl-0.7.1/config.log
20 * ERROR: sys-kernel/spl-0.7.1::gentoo failed (configure phase):
21 * econf failed
22 *
23 * Call stack:
24 *, line 115: Called src_configure
25 * environment, line 3831: Called autotools-utils_src_configure
26 * environment, line 614: Called econf
27 '--docdir=/usr/share/doc/spl-0.7.1' '--bindir=/bin' '--sbindir=/sbin'
28 '--with-config=all' '--with-linux=/usr/src/linux'
29 '--with-linux-obj=/lib/modules/4.12.5-gentoo/build' '--disable-debug'
30 *, line 665: Called __helpers_die 'econf failed'
31 *, line 117: Called die
32 * The specific snippet of code:
33 * die "$@"
35 Googling around for the "Cannot find UTS_RELEASE" complaint reveals
36 that a few people have encountered this problem over the years. It
37 appeared in those cases to be attributable to the user running the
38 configuration script not having sufficient authority to read
39 ./include/generated/utsrelease.h in the kernel tree. As far as I can
40 tell, I think I ought to have sufficient permission to read that file.
41 I've gone so far as to chmod 777 the entire kernel tree to ensure
42 sufficient access. No luck with that "solution": same error.
44 I've tried strace on emerge to see if I could figure out what it's
45 doing when it's looking for UTS_RELEASE, but no luck with that
46 either. Nothing that I can find in Bugzilla, either, although that
47 could be due to inexperience in using it.
49 Any idea what could be going on, or how I could go about debugging it
50 more effectively?
52 Thanks,
54 John Blinka


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