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From: Christel Dahlskjaer <christel@g.o>
To: gentoo-user@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-user] You, Gentoo and Google's Summer of Code.
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2006 04:24:16
Message-Id: 1146287927.23616.103.camel@gaspode
1 Hi all,
3 Some of you may already be familiar with Google's Summer of Code[1],
4 which is a program that offers student developers stipends to create new
5 open source programs or to help currently established projects. Google
6 works with a variety of open source, free software, and
7 technology-related groups to identify and fund several hundred projects
8 over a three-month period. The inaugural instance of the program, which
9 took place last summer, brough together 400 students and 40 mentoring
10 organisations from 49 countries. This year they are making room for even
11 more organisations and particpants.
13 The goal of the program is to inspire young developers and provide
14 students in Computer Science and related fields the opportunity to do
15 work related to their academic pursuits during the summer, and to
16 support existing open source projects and organisations. This year
17 Gentoo is particpating as a mentoring organisation.
20 So, if you still haven't found that perfect summer job... this may be
21 worth checking out. We are looking for people passionate about open
22 source, and Gentoo in particular. Do you have the time to spend about 30
23 hours per week working on Gentoo this summer? Are you a team player? Are
24 you curious? Why not check out our page with ideas, or if you have an
25 idea of your own, even better! Think outside the box and send us a
26 proposal, we may just want to go for it.
28 Should you decide to particpate, we will be accepting Student
29 applications via the Google Site from May 1st till midnight May 8th. If
30 you are interested and would like to discuss any of our current project
31 ideas, or your own idea before applying I urge you to come chat with us
32 on IRC[2] or to subscribe to the Gentoo Summer of Code mailing list[3].
33 We would love to hear from you.
35 Accepted students would be paired up with a team of two mentors, one
36 primary mentor and one back up mentor. Gentoo are interested in your
37 success with your project and we would at all times provide excellent
38 support from your mentor(s), your mentor(s) would be available to answer
39 any questions you may have, help you do your research and trouble
40 shooting, and to generally ensure that we were doing our best to ensure
41 that the experience was a great one for both you and Gentoo.
43 So, if this sounds at all interesting, check out the project page[4]
44 which lists the ideas currently proposed. Read the Student FAQ[5] to
45 ensure that you are eligible to participate and head over to speak with
46 us on IRC or the ML.
48 Now, anyone can submit project ideas and contribute to the discussion of
49 existing project ideas. Should you simply be interested in Summer of
50 Code but fall outside the catchment area, be short on time or for any
51 other reason unable to participate this year you are of course more than
52 welcome to still partake in the discussion(s) both on IRC and on the ML.
54 We love hearing from you!
56 Christel Dahlskjaer
57 on behalf of the Gentoo SoC Team
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