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Subject: [gentoo-user] SDD strategies...
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2020 06:00:04
Message-Id: 20200317055953.zgebvx7l3scvb5hh@solfire

currentlu I am setting up a new PC for my 12-years old one,
which has reached the limits of its "computational power" :)

SSDs are a common replacement for HDs nowaday -- but I still trust my
HDs more than this "flashy" me retro or oldschool, but
it my current "Bauchgefühl" (gut feeling).

To reduce write cycles to the SSD, which are quite a lot when using
UNIX/Limux (logging etc) and especially GENTOO (compiling sources
instead of using binary packages -- which is GOOD!), I am planning
the following setup:

The sustem will boot from SSD.

The HD will contain the whole system including the complete root 
filesustem. Updateing, installing via Gentoo tools will run using 
the HD. If that process has ended, I will rsync the HD based root
fileystem to the SSD.

Folders, which will be written to by the sustem while running will
be symlinked to the HD.

This should work...?

Or is there another idea to setup a system which will benefit from
the advantages of a SSD by avoiding its disadvantages?

Background: I am normally using a PC a long time and try to avoid
buying things for reasons like being more modern or being newer.

Any idea to setup such a sustem is heardly welcone -- thank you
very much in advance!



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